Baby Knitting Patterns Knitting Pattern in Hindi

Baby Knitting Patterns Knitting Pattern in Hindi

Namaskar/ Sat Sri Akal/Welcome Mates,
On this video I’ll present you a zig zag knitting design for sacraf/muffler

Hope you all prefer it.

knitting needle-9 no
[For scarf- take multiple of 12 stitches]


yarn over -yo
knit 2 stitches together-k2tog
Proper side-RS
Unsuitable side-WS

All fallacious side-purl
Row 7,9,11 and 13 are identical
Row 19,21,23 and 25 are identical

On this video I take 12 stitches

For Border-

RS-Row1-k1, p1 repeat
WS-Row2-p1,k1 repeat
For design-
RS- Row3-all knit
WS-Row4-all purl
RS-Row5-all knit
WS-Row6-all purl
WS-Row8-all purl
RS-Row9-as per row7
WS-Row10-all purl
RS-Row11-as per row7 and row9
WS-Row-12- all purl
RS-Row 13-repeat as row7,9,11
WS-Row-14-all purl
RS-Row-15-all knit
WS-Row16-all purl
RS-Row 17-all knit
WS-Row 18-all purl
RS-Row- 19-k1,k2tog,k2tog,k2tog,yo,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,k2
WS-Row-20-all purl
RS-Row-21-as per row 19
WS-Row-22-all purl
RS-Row23-repeat as row 19,21
WS-Row24-all purl
RS-Row25-repeat as row 19,21,23
WS-Row-26-all purl
RS-Row-27-all knit
WS-Row-28-all purl
RS-Row-29-all knit
WS-Row-30-all purl
RS-Row-31-Repeat from row 7
Design is prepared


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